Animated with a passion for ceramics, Philippe Le Bouteiller opened his Fusion de Lave Studio in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes in 1996.

There, surrounded with a beautiful natural environment he first drew his inspiration from the slumbering mountains that 6000 years ago spat melted lava over their slopes.

Today, mixing geology with chemistry, Philippe draws on mineral resources to create a fabulous world of lava glazes. The austere black or grey rocks harbour all the necessary chemicals to help reveal the subtle colouring of glazes after a time of very high firing.

Philippe Le Bouteiller trained at the CNIFOP Ceramic Art School under the guidance of Francois Eve, a reknown ceramist artist and teacher. He also followed quite naturally the tracks of Daniel De Montmollin, famous the world over for his research on glazes.

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